“Strive not to be
a success
but rather to be
of value.“

Albert Einstein

We never stop
seeking the best solution.
Just like Albert Einstein

Each industry has its own rules.
Each application its own laws.
We offer the solution.
It's as simple as that.

We create solutions
with real added value.
Just like Albert Einstein.

It's not the technology behind
the solution that counts, but rather
the value that it reaches in use.

Those who wish to move
the world must think individually.
Just like Albert Einstein.

Those who always do things the old way
may no longer achieve anything new.
Those who always follow the book
cannot think in the interest of the customer.

Those who wish to drive the world forward need knowledge, curiosity and the courage to always strike new paths.
Just like Albert Einstein. Just like Optibelt.
Everything is relative.
Except the quality of OPTIBELT.
It is absolute.
Guaranteed quality management at the highest level. At every location. In every solution.

Einstein was a man of modesty
who attributed his accomplishments
less to intelligence and more to
curiosity and perseverance.

OPTIBELT takes its time too –
for research and development
and for long-term strategies.
For more than 140 years.

Nobel laureate
and scientist

Does it sound a little complicated, abstract?
In fact, we encounter Einstein repeatedly each and every day:
in medication, GPS and television …

And you can find OPTIBELT (nearly) everywhere:
Four divisions AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, MATERIAL HANDLING, POWER TRANSMISSION and ELASTOMER SOLUTIONS develop individual drive solutions for practically every application.


That Einstein was a poor student is a common misconception! But he did have his own way of thinking, even back then – and finally dropped out of school.

Values with tradition and the technology of tomorrow:
Individual thinking and an innovative spirit of research are intrinsic to OPTIBELT as well.

110 years of E=mc2
a landmark of physics.

Einstein's masterpiece: The General Theory of Relativity changed the way we look not only at the world, but the entire universe. Widely considered the scientific discovery of the century, the theory is celebrating its 110 year publication anniversary in 2015.

Einstein would not receive the Nobel Prize until 1922 for his work in theoretical physics. It may sound complicated and remind you of those abstract formulas in high school physics. But viewed practically, Einstein's discoveries find practical use on an everyday basis – from complex medical equipment to digital cameras, TVs or navigation devices. Einstein himself was always quite modest: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

Einstein's biography

Albert Einstein is born in Ulm on
14 March 1879. Accounts of his failure
at school are frequently exaggerated.


At the age of 16, Einstein goes to Italy,
among other reasons to avoid conscription
into the German military. In 1896, he completes
his secondary schooling in Switzerland and
graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute
of Technology in Zurich in 1900.


Often called Einstein's "miracle year", in
1905 he publishes the first draft of his
Theory of Relativity, including the renowned
formula E=mc2.
In 1906, Einstein is awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.


Between 1909 and 1914, Einstein teaches as a professor
in Zurich and Prague.


In 1914, Einstein is made a member of the Prussian
Academy of Sciences in Berlin. In 1916, he finishes
his work on the General Theory of Relativity.


In 1921, Albert Einstein is awarded the Nobel
Prize for his work in theoretical physics and
for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric


1933 – Einstein emigrates to the USA.


Albert Einstein dies in Princeton Hospital
in Princeton on 18 April 1955.

for those who are
good at math.
just like him.

Albert Einstein is the best proof:
Knowledge, precision, and perseverance
form the basis of solutions capable
of changing the world.

These are the same values
that distinguish OPTIBELT.


Just one convincing
OPTIBELT solution
from many.
Four-fold excellence
simply good.

The OPTIBELT product range boasts over 10,000 drive solutions for the divisions Automotive Technology, Power Transmission, Material Handling and Elastomer Solutions.

globally active –
at just short of light speed.

Act in the long-term, react in the short-term: a global network of 30 distribution centers and 23 logistics centers in 29 countries guarantee the shortest possible route to the customer.

Using our head
not the rule book –
More momentum
with innovation.

Longer service life, more compact dimensions,
more profitability – OPTIBELT never stops
pushing the limits of driving power.
Carbon-fiber material mixes, drive belts
with service interval display or V-belts that
don't squeak when wet – just three of over
10,000 ingenious OPTIBELT solutions.

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